The Nethercutt Automotive Research Library and Archive

Within the Museum itself is a comprehensive research facility considered one of the top ten automotive libraries in the world. The archival materials on American and European marques predate the 20th century. Much of it is the legacy of the revered Wellington Everett Miller, the late automotive coach designer and engineer, who gathered this data for more than 70 years.

Materials housed in the library include a database on The Nethercutt Collection, containing technical manuals, promotional material and sales literature from throughout the automotive age, along with biographies of great motoring engineers. Complete runs of automotive trade journals abound, along with rare owner’s manuals, plans and engineering documents of automobile coachbuilders dating from 1900 to 1940.

The Library is temporarily closed, and is not open to the general public at this time.
For more information, please call 818-364-6464


Part of the Nethercutt Museum is an extensive archive, or library, of books, magazines, and images, a fabulous place to spend time. Throughout the Nethercutt Museum are displays with various items ranging from diecast cars to awards to parts to books to memorabilia – it goes on and on and it’s all spectacular. Another lengthy display, this one containing various housing figurines and reliefs.


You must Visit!

The Nethercutt has long performed all maintenance and restorations in house. This is the upholstery studio. Notice the floors, a unique, large-scale marble look. Organization and cleanliness are the orders of the day throughout, even in the restoration shop. A nice way to display some artifacts, a simple set of bookshelves.