The Collection


  • Open by Advanced Reservation Only
  • Tour Admission – $10:00 (Paid on the day of your tour)
  • Tours are scheduled on Thursday’s and Friday’s at 10:00 and Saturday’s at 10:00 or 1:30 – Only one tour a day.
  • The tour is Approximately 2 hours in length.
  • Children must be 10 years or older to attend
  • Parking is located across the street at The Nethercutt Museum

Reservation Request – 2 Ways
1. Call (818) 364-6464 (Thur. – Sat)
2. Click the Reservation Link below


The reservation is a request only, not a confirmation. We will notify you with a returned email if the tour is confirmed or not available.


The Lower Salon is where guests assemble to start the guided tour. The salon is a microcosm of the entire collection. There are about 25 automobiles dating from the early 1900’s up till the late 1940’s. Also in display are nickelodeons, music boxes, David Winter Cottages, Dolls, Coins, and crystal figurines.


Marble columns, crystal chandeliers, painted ceilings all make up this beautiful Grand Salon Showroom of the 1910’s, 20 and 30s. On display are approx. 30 of the finest automoblies of that era. Duesenbergs, Cadillacs, Isotta-Fraschini, Delahaye, Minvera, Renault, Maybach, many other European and American built automoblies.


On the third floor is a large assortment of Radiator Hood Ornaments “Mascots”, including Lalique Crystal Mascots and 18th & 19th Century French Furniture.


This floor displays a world-class collection of automated mechanical instruments including Reproducing Pianos, Nickelodeons, Cyclinder & Disc Music Boxes, Orchestrions and the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ. During the tour some of these instruments are demonstrated including a mini-concert on the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ. Also on display is our beautiful Louis XV Style Dining Room.

Impressions of our valued guests

“Unlike most museums that are static, The Nethercutt Collection is truly kinetic, as all of the vehicles run, are driven regularly, and can be seen on the street as well as in the museum.”
– Jay Leno, TV Host and Car Enthusias

“This is the crown jewel of American Automobile Museums.”
– Phil Hill, America’s first Formula One Grand Prix Racing Champion and classic car collector

“J.B. Nethercutt has done more than any other collector to preserve the world’s greatest cars, establishing standards of restoration to originality that others have aspired to equal for decades.”
– Jules M. Heumann, Chairman, Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

“The Nethercutt Collection is an automobile museum founded in 1971. It has over 250 prestigious, antique, and exotic vehicles, including Austin-Healey, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, and others.”