Founder J.B. Nethercutt

Founder J.B. Nethercutt spent a lifetime building this collection of historic importance.

J.B. Nethercutt


Dorothy Nethercutt


Born in South Bend, IN, on October 11, 1913, J.B. moved to Santa Monica, CA, in 1923 to live with his aunt and founder of Merle Norman Cosmetics, Merle Nethercutt Norman. He later left his studies at the California Institute of Technology to go into business with his aunt.
On September 3, 1933, J.B. married his high school sweetheart, Dorothy Sykes. The marriage lasted more than 70 years until Dorothy’s death on October 8, 2004. It was during their early years together that J.B. and Dorothy began their love affair with old cars.

In 1956, J.B. purchased two cars: a 1936 Duesenberg Convertible Roadster for $5,000 and a 1930 DuPont Town Car for $500, both needing total refurbishing.



The DuPont restoration, which J.B. estimated would take a few weeks, instead took 18 months and over $65,000.

By 1958, his meticulously rebuilt project claimed its first prize — the coveted “Best of Show” award at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. By the summer of 1992, his cars had won the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance six times, more than any other individual. The Duesenberg and the DuPont are still part of The Nethercutt Collection.

As J.B.’s collection grew, he was determined to share his masterpieces with the public. In 1971, he and Dorothy opened a museum in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, which has been free to the public since its opening.

J.B., who passed away on December 6, 2004 at the age of 91, memorably stated: “The recognition and preservation of beauty has been a major focus of my life. It would suit me well if what people remembered about me was, ‘Where he went, he left beauty behind.’”


Celebrating a Trailblazer in Automotive Restoration

“J.B. Nethercutt was a true visionary, who not only built an incredible collection of automobiles, but also shared his passion and knowledge with others, leaving a lasting impact on the automotive community.”
–  Edsel B. Ford II, Board Member of Ford Motor Company

“J.B. Nethercutt’s dedication to preserving and promoting the heritage of the automotive industry has been an inspiration to all of us who share his passion for cars.”
– Jay Leno, TV Host and Car Enthusiast

“J.B. Nethercutt’s legacy is one of excellence, perseverance and love of the automobile. He has inspired countless collectors, restorers and enthusiasts to follow in his footsteps and preserve the rich history of the automotive industry.”
– McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty Insurance

“J.B. Nethercutt was a true gentleman and a great leader in the automotive world. His passion for cars was unmatched, and he will be deeply missed by all who knew him.”
– Jim Farley, CEO of Ford Motor Company

“J.B. Nethercutt was not just a collector of automobiles, he was a true connoisseur who appreciated the art and craftsmanship of each car he acquired. His collection is a testament to his love of the automobile and his dedication to preserving its history.”
– Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman

“It is J.B. that really perfected the art of automobile restorations. He set these high standards and is the only 6-time winner at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. ”
– Bruce Meyer, Founding Chairman of The Petersen Automotive Museum

The Nethercutt Legacy

J.B. Nethercutt was a passionate collector of classic cars and an accomplished businessman. He dedicated his life to preserving automotive history and created a world-renowned collection of vintage and classic automobiles that continues to inspire and educate car enthusiasts today. His legacy lives on through the Nethercutt Collection.

Jack and Helen Nethercutt

Jack Nethercutt and his wife Helen now proudly carry on the work that J.B. and Dorothy began.

Early on, Jack exhibited a fondness for cars and discovered his natural abilities on the track. His sports car racing career from the 1950s and ’60s is showcased in The Nethercutt Collection’s Lower Gallery. Jack hung up his helmet to help with the family business. A University of Southern California graduate, he served as Vice President of Marketing of Merle Norman Cosmetics and later as President in 1973. He held this post for a number of years before leaving to explore other interests, including ownership of a Las Vegas, NV, restaurant.

In March 2002, Jack returned as President of Merle Norman Cosmetics. He and Helen now serve as Chairman of the Board and Vice Chairman, respectively. They also serve as Chairman of the Board and Director for The Nethercutt Collection. They continue to restore museum-quality cars, entering and winning at virtually every concours in which their stunning cars appear.

Welcome to The Nethercutt Collection!

Step into a world where automotive history, engineering excellence, and the beauty of functional fine art converge in a breathtaking display. With over 250 perfectly restored American and European automobiles, along with a vast array of rare mechanical musical instruments and precious antique furniture, our museum invites you to immerse yourself in a truly extraordinary experience.

As you explore our meticulously curated Museum and Collection, you will witness the impeccable restoration of classic automobiles that showcase the pinnacle of craftsmanship. From iconic American classics to elegant European masterpieces, each vehicle tells a captivating story of automotive innovation and design.

Beyond the extraordinary automobiles, The Nethercutt Collection is also home to an impressive assortment of rare mechanical musical instruments and exquisite antique furniture. These remarkable artifacts add an additional layer of charm and richness to your visit.

Whether you are a dedicated enthusiast, a lover of fine art, or simply curious about the world of automobiles, welcome to The Nethercutt Collection—a sanctuary of automotive artistry and an inspiring testament to the boundless ingenuity of human creativity.

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We invite you to experience the heart of our collection—over 250 American and European perfectly restored automobiles,
along with a vast array of rare mechanical musical instruments and precious antique furniture.