Docent Program


Become a Docent

 Come and join the Nethercutt staff as a docent. We have all kinds of opportunities within the collections. You can become a touring docent, a greeter, or a volunteer in the automotive or musical instrument libraries. We also have volunteer openings to assist with our special event evenings.



To welcome visitors and answer
any questions, while also helping with
crowd control

Train Tours:

To conduct a short
introduction to the locomotive and

Collection Tour Back-up:

To assist the tour
guide with crowd control.

Reception Desk:

To greet guests and help
with Tour Reservations.

Special Events:

To assist with crowd
control during our special events in the

Library Volunteer:

To help with various
projects in the Nethercutt Library

Music Library Volunteer:

To help catalog
and organize the Music Roll Library

Mechanical Musical Instrument Volunteer:

To help the curator with any restoration


The Nethercutt Collection will conduct a four week class—one class every Wednesday morning. Please contact the Collection for dates. After you have attended all four classes, then we will consider making you a docent



  • Submit an application form below.
  • An interview.
  • Classes.

The Nethercutt Collection was founded in the 1950’s by Merle Norman Cosmetics
co-founder J.B. Nethercutt. Today, his son, Jack Nethercutt and his wife Helen, have dedicated their efforts to protect and preserve the Nethercutt Collection. The Nethercutt Collection is displayed in two magnificent buildings. Over 200 “Great Cars” are on exhibit, including, Bugattis, Rolls-Royces, Cadillacs and Hispano-Suizas.

Included in the Nethercutt Collection is a priceless array of mechanical musical
instruments, consisting of orchestrions, nickelodeons, music boxes, and one of the
world’s largest Wurlitzer theater pipe organs. The Nethercutt Collection is a private
not-for-profit educational institute that serves as a resource for automotive and musical historians, students, scholars, restorers and enthusiasts.


Some of the amazing benefits for our Docents

  • You and a guest will be able to attend any of our concerts.
  • Width: auto

    Unique work environment.

  • Complete training.
  • Convenient working hours.
  • You will be in the midst of one of the most renowned car collections in the world.